Testosterone Gel – Which Supplementation Can be Done?

Testosterone Gels

There are various ways in which Testosterone supplementation can be done. While some methods like using intramuscular injections are quite demanding, others like using Testosterone patches can be a bit uncomfortable for first-time users. However, Testosterone Gels combine nearly all the features of Testosterone supplementation along with user-friendly application. For starters, the gel needs to be applied without any medical supervision. There is no risk of any side-effect even if the gel is overused to a certain extent. The same cannot be said for Testosterone injections or patches where the hormone is delivered directly into the bloodstream and hence, the smallest of overdosing raise chances of side-effects.

Testosterone Gels

Testosterone Gels

Most of the Testosterone Gels available in the market are retailed in the non-prescription format. However, the concentration of the hormone varies across each brand. Those that have a very high concentration of Testosterone need a prescription while the rest are available in the over-the-counter format. Most of the Testosterone Gels have to be used on a daily basis. This usually means applying the gel along the scrotal sac during the night, right before going to bed. Men who don’t suffer from intense sweating can also apply the gel during the daytime, i.e. using it minimally before dressing-up for their workplace. The gel is formulated in such a manner that it is readily absorbed into the skin and there are no chances of it staining the clothes. Yes, Testosterone gel is a bit slow acting when compared with other testosterone replacement aids but it is quite popular for its greater safety and ease-of-use.

Please note that not all men can benefit substantially from using testosterone gels exclusively. Firstly, there are many men who suffer from extreme testosterone deficit. Here, gel-based replacement is not the best option. Using inject able hormone replacement therapy is likely to be the choice in such cases. In some cases, testosterone gels are used as a supplementary aid, i.e. used in combination with other testosterone replacement aids like pills or patches. This option is commonly used by people who are looking for faster results but are averse to the idea of using testosterone replacement injections.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of testosterone gels is that they can be carried everywhere and don’t put forth any particular storage requirements. The formulation of most testosterone gels is such that they don’t induce sweating or allergic reactions. However, doing a patch test before finalizing a testosterone gel brand is recommended. This means applying the gel on a small patch of the thigh and leaving it overnight. If the application spot doesn’t develop a reddened patch, it is likely that the skin-type is not reactive to that brand of testosterone gel. The self-administration of testosterone gels mean that the inconvenience of seeking appointments for getting injections or prescriptions for buying capsules is largely neutralized. Some of the most common, herbal components of branded, testosterone gels include:

Testogen Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris Herb-this hormone is known to stimulate synthesis of luteinizing hormone (LH) which in turn is the most critical pituitary hormone influencing testosterone production. This herb also raises the blood supply to the loins, ensuring better sexual health, particularly better health of the penile tissues.

Ginkgo Biloba Herb-this herb is easily absorbed by the human skin and promotes better blood circulation throughout the body, particularly the lower body area and the genitals. This ensures that the testicular tissues and the testosterone synthesizing receptors are kept stimulated.

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