Where Is the Best Place to Buy VigRX Plus?


If you’ve decided VigRX Plus is the product for you, and you want to give it a go, your next step is to find out who the VigRX Plus retailers are and where you can buy VigRX Plus. Whether you want to buy it at GNC or other stores, or online like on Amazon or eBay, this article explains what your options are.

VigRX Plus on Amazon


As you probably know Amazon is an online retailer that sells almost every type of product you can think of. A lot of the products they sell are through their marketplaces and suppliers. Unfortunately, the success of VigRX Plus means that there are people trying to make a quick buck selling counterfeit VigRX Plus. There have been cases of some of these suppliers selling these fake VigRX Plus on Amazon. You don’t want to risk taking fake versions of VigRX Plus as who knows what they contain.

VigRX Plus on eBay

The same goes for eBay – it’s a site with lots of suppliers, and you never know whether something is real of fake and you don’t want to take that risk.

VigRX Plus at GNC and other stores

GNC simply doesn’t stock VigRX Plus and neither do any other major sex or health-related retailers. If you find out about anyone that does please let us know!

Buy Authentic VigRX Plus

Look for the verification code on the package

Because of the circulation of fake VigRX Plus, in December 2012 the manufacturer introduced a system of verifying whether their purchase is authentic or not. All VigRX Plus now has a verification code on it that can be used for verification from the manufacturer.

The best place to order VigRX Plus is online directly from the manufacturer. There are several reasons for this:

There is no risk of getting fake VigRX Plus – it will be the real thing
You get the benefit of their full money back guarantee (minus shipping costs) for the first 60 days
You can take advantage of their exclusive VigRX Plus discounts
You are guaranteed the best price as there is no mark up price

VigRX Plus Discounts

As you can see, there are several benefits to ordering VigRX plus directly from the manufacturer. The discounts they offer are great value for money.

For a 2 months supply you save $10
For a 3 months supply you save $25
For a 4 months supply you save $40
For a 5 months supply you save $55
For a 6 months supply you save $77
For a 1 years supply (called the Diamond Package) you save $434

These are great savings, especially if you are interested in the Diamond Package. The Diamond Package also include 5 free gifts and free shipping (USA only).

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